The founder of science based Evidence Skincare (ESK), and author of bestseller, The M Word, How to Thrive in Menopause, Ginni Mansberg is a GP, TV presenter, podcaster, author and columnist. She is a physician specializing in women’s health, menopause and all things skin.

Ginni is the “Sunrise GP” on Channel 7, the host of Channel 9’s “Embarrassing Bodies Down Under” and “Medicine or Myth” on SBS. She is also the host of “Help I Have a Teenager” on the Mamamia Network, “Things You Can’t Talk About on TV”, a podcast on Audible, as well as the host of “Drivetime Medical”, an educational podcast for health care professionals. She was named most trusted health care professional in Australia in 2022. Ginni teaches primary care at the University of Notre Dame, is a speaker, a non-executive director and consultant.