Sam Patel is an Experienced Serial Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history in the healthcare industry. Born and raised in South Florida, Sam has quickly established himself in the Midwest Region of the United States over the past several years. As an alum from Purdue University and carrying both a Doctor of Medicine and Master in Business Administration degrees, Sam has a unique background in understanding how to optimize medical/aesthetic practices and patient care while allowing his businesses to thrive and generate high profit. In the first 3 years of his career, Sam embarked on his first venture in medical weight loss, growing the brand to 10 clinics across Chicagoland within 2 years. Sam is the Founder of LIV Wellness Lounge, an ultra-luxury medical spa with two locations specialized in aesthetics, body, skin, and wellness. With a constantly growing entrepreneurial resume, Sam’s most recent venture, Clutch Consulting, is dedicated to partnering with medical/aesthetic practices in optimizing their business with the integration of high profit services, quality staff training, implementing a powerful consultation method, and introducing medical devices successfully. After opening LIV Wellness Lounge’s first location January 2021, Sam’s methods helped generate over $1 million in direct revenue, from the integration of BTL devices alone, in the first year. This success was the ultimate inspiration for the creation of his consulting firm, allowing Sam to now provide business consulting on these proven methods that have allowed over 200 medical practices all across the globe build a solid foundation to achieve optimal success! Lastly, Sam is an international speaker and leader in noninvasive body contouring, wellness, and business optimization.